Our Cultural Values

Our values are a direct reflection of the mission God has given us. Everything we do is intended to reveal more of God’s redemptive story and help us discover the story He has created us to live! Our culture is built around stories because our story becomes His Story through The Story. 

The Bible

We place supreme value on the Bible because it is divinely inspired by God, reveals to us who God is, and tells the story of what He has done.


We also place supreme value on the person of Jesus Christ and we exist to make His Story known. We believe that as we proclaim His Story to all the nations, people will be reconnected to God and discover their place in His Story.


We value people because we believe that every individual was made in the image of God and therefore has a story worth telling. Our desire is to love all people unconditionally and help them discover the story they were created to live. This takes place primarily through our discipleship process.


We value the community we live in and believe that God has called us to partner with Him to write the future pages of His Story in our city. The community does not exist for us, but we exist for the community. We desire to look beyond ourselves to love and serve our community. This takes place primarily through chapters.